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Basic information about MMA

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a mixed martial art that combines elements of Thai boxing (Muay Thai), savate, taekwon-do, judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, Brazilian jiu jitsu and more. MMA includes both fight in attitude and dropping a fight on the ground.

A little history

The interest in MMA has grown over the last two decades. The roots of the sport but we can look for it in the 7th century BC in the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.

A mixture of ancient boxing and wrestling, which was allowed pinning eyes, breaking limbs and blows to the genitals is taboo in today's MMA. This sport has now clear rules to protect and secure both wrestlers. Warriors are prepared in all three levels of warfare - fighting stance, the struggle and the fight on the ground.


The best-known professional competitions as American UFC, STRIKEFORCE or former Japanese PRIDE. In addition there are countless smaller less important matches taking place throughout the world. Fights are always a limited number of rounds with a time limit. Mandatory equipment consists of special fingerless MMA gloves, mouthguard and jockstrap.


The basis MMA fighters wear are shorts, shorts or shorts thaiboxerského type. In some organizations are allowed fitting shirts, called "rash guard". In addition, women wear a sports bra.

For training and leisure wear MMA fighters like loose and comfortable fashionable clothing "fight" brands like SILVER STAR, TAPOUT, METAL MULISHA, SULLEN, Shiroi someone STREET FIGHT and more.



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