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Frequently asked questions


How much is the postage?

The price for which you order the gods is the final one, we do not add any VAT nor anything else. The postage is added to the total price always before you send the binding order. See more delivery and postage details.


What does the term "dispatching time" mean exactly?

That’s the time we need to process your order, to pack it and send the goods. After that it depends on the shipper how much time it will take to deliver the package.

Do you send gods to other countries?,,, ;)


How to choose the goods?

Goods can be searched by categories and subcategories that roztřiďují goods in more detail. You can choose according to groups, styles, brands and keywords in the search.

What if the size I need is not available?

All the goods that are displayed on our website are also physically on store – that’s why in some cases it can be delivered in 3 days. If you haven’t found the size you need, just follow the website because it may occur later. We often change the current stock. You can definitely write us an email and ask about the date of availability. We simply don’t sell the goods that we don’t have physically!

I still haven’t got the order which should be delivered in 3 days so I wonder if it comes and when?

We repeat again that the number of days displayed with the product is just the time we need to process your order, pack and send it, the rest depends on shipper. You’ll receive an email which will inform you about dispatching the goods the moment we send the package.

Can I see the stuff somewhere personally? Where is your stock/shop?

The stock and the showroom are both in Bystřice in the Czech Republic we have no other shop in the Czech Republic nor in Slovakia! See the details about how to get there here.


Did you receive a discount on the purchase and do you wanto to aplly it?

Use this link Here you can enter your discount coupon code. The discount will be applied immediately in your shopping cart.


Why I can´t choose the type of payment after adding goods to cart?

Is your order at least for 10 EUR? If yes and though it’s not possible your browser probably does not support Javascript, try another browser or a different computer. If it still doesn’t work, copy your cart content to the email and send us your order via email.

How can I change the shipping address on my account?

That’s easy – log in and click on your nickname button in right upper corner.


What if I order something in wrong size or something that I finally don´t like?

We guarantee you th money return or the change if you send the product as soon as possible and it won´t be used. See more goods return details.


Does it pay off to create a profile?

Sure it does! Active users with best profiles get the bonuses, discounts and awards. Furthermore you can check your pics of products you already bought (and we have approved the pics), you can comment others’ profiles or use your own as a personal webpage (in forums, comments, blog).


Why I can´t upload a picture of a product?

Please check first if it is possible to upload pictures of the product you’ve chosen and also if we still have the product in our offer. The picture needs to have its sides to be in 4:3 or 3:4 ratio so that it may be displayed always in the same way. Practically it means that its measurements must be in those multiplies, e.g. long side 400px to shorter one 300px or 800px to 600px etc.

Why my pic hasn´t been approved?

We do not approve every picture – imagine how would it look like then? Already approved pictures are the best inspiration. The basic rules:

  • the product must be in the picture
  • the user must be in the picture
  • the picture should be original, well taken adn express "something"

Why have you approved someone else´s similar picture but not mine?

That's why :) We don’t want too many similar pictures but to have a set of original and unique pictures. You will always receive the reasons of approval/disapproval via email. It’s useless to ask us why your picture was not approved– we won’t have an access to the pic any more and also it’s a decision of a group of people.

How to use the discount which I got for pictures?

Simply! After adding your products to cart choose how many bonuses you would like to use on that particular order (you can use maximum 2 bonuses on one order and they can’t exceed 30% of order price), then continue to the payment and the price will be automatically lowered!

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