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What is Muay Thai?

MUAY THAI or a thaibox

- Thai is a martial art, one of the toughest martial art in which strikes are allowed elbows and knees.

A little history

Muay Thai is probably evolved from Chinese martial arts. The exact date and place of too much we do not know. Much of the literature on the history of the Thai martial art had been irrevocably destroyed. But there are several theories about the origin of this art, but some theories are highly inaccurate and often contradict each other. Two major teroie proclaim the emergence of Thai boxing at a time when the Thai people migrated from China and fought for his country. The second theory holds that the Thais have always been the territory of present-day Thailand and the technique of martial arts originated as a defense.

What we do know is that Muay Thai developed in actual combat and the old more than a thousand years. In Thailand, this martial art promoted to a royal sport. Muay Thai has always been a sport and military combat techniques.

EQUIPMENT wrestler

Originally fights took place in the marketplaces, and later moved to the ring and has firmly established rules. Wrestlers may use a jockstrap, mouthguard and gloves. Struggling with barefoot. The wrestlers are permitted wear short shorts, corsets hand (without reinforcement), fabric or neoprene ankle bandages are also allowed. Women still wear a sports bra. Všcihni fighters wear headbands mong-kol woven from ropes.

Each match begins with the traditional opening ceremony vai-floe. This is a kind of ritual dance and prayer to banish the fear of heart. It also serves to prepare a full concentration on the upcoming fight.

They are not allowed any metal objects (earrings, body piercings, rings, etc.). Likewise glasses or contact lenses are prohibited.


Thai boxing is now devotes a lot of people around the world. People train in gyms and sports clubs. Muay Thai training develops strength, speed, endurance, overall fitness of the individual. It also improves stability and posture. We are operated by Thai boxing at the professional level. At the very Thasku include Muay Thai for a very popular sport, the foundations of which controls almost everyone.



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